Once upon a time there was a...

*Bridal Shower
*Graduation Celebration
*Baby Shower
*Group of Friends

...and they lived happily ever after (well a few weeks at least) with beautiful mehndi designs.

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Amy Leinen
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Photo of the Week:

A few days after applying her bridal henna, I went to Iowa to henna her female guests during the Mehndi party and Haldi ceremony.

This photo, taken by Bradley Hanson, was shot during the Haldi ceremony. Freshly ground turmeric, other auspicious spices, oils, and rice adorned the bride's body.


Henna is a plant with natural staining capabilites.  Mixed with tea tree oil, lemon juice, and fructose, the henna paste is piped onto the top of your skin, and leaves behind a temporary stain.  The color will be a light orange at first and darken to a richer shade of brown over three days. Henna is NEVER black!

Designs usually last between one to two weeks depending on many factors. Your Mehndi Moments henna artist will provide you with tips on how to get the best stain possible!

Mehndi Moments can travel to your location! All designs are free hand, and vary from traditional to contemporary styles, suiting your particular preferences.