About the Artist

Amy Leinen, Mehndi Artist
Mehndi Moments Owner


Professional Bio:

I’ve been practicing and teaching the art of mehndi since 1999.  I formalized my love of henna by starting Mehndi Moments.  Providing Mehndi Moments for people fills me with joy, and I hope I can share that with you.


Personal Bio:

I married my highschool sweetheart right after graduating. Our family grew through birth and adoption of our sons, whom we homeschooled. Some of my passions include henna, reading, living a vegan lifestyle, riding my motorcycle, ballroom dancing and traveling with my best friend (my husband).

Black Henna Warning
Henna is never black.  Anyone promoting “black henna” is advocating the use of a hair dye- ppd (para-phenylendiamine) or other chemicals that can burn and scar your skin.

Natural henna is a plant, dried out and ground into a powder and has a low allergenicity.  Mehndi Moments artists only use natural henna, essential oils, lemon juice, and fructose in our henna paste mixes.